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Andes Knit Poncho

Andes Knit Poncho

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Our Andes Knit Poncho is born from the hands of exceptional local weavers in Chile and woven with a story of tradition, sustainability and style. This poncho is knitted from a wool/poly blend giving it a unique texture and feel compared to our other materials. It has a wonderful softness with a natural breathability and elasticity that makes it super comfortable to wear. 

But our poncho is more than just a piece of clothing - it's a symbol of support for local artisans. In many parts of Chile, artisans only have the opportunity to sell their creations during tourist seasons. By bringing their work to a wider audience, we aim to alleviate this seasonal plight and provide sustainable livelihoods for these artisans year-round.

This poncho is one size.

Care Instructions

Dry cleaning is recommended. You can also hand wash delicately. Do not wash with other clothing. Hang to dry. Do not squeeze. Light iron if necessary.

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