In 2023, on our farm in Bluemont, Virginia, in the heart of horse country an hour outside Washington, DC, Bella Soul was born. It originated from our shared vision to foster positivity worldwide and empower skilled artisans from around the globe. The name Bella Soul, which translates to "beautiful soul" in Spanish, encapsulates our deep belief in the transformative power of uplifting others and the profound beauty that resides within each individual.

At the core of our mission lies a great sense of pride in partnering with an exceptional group of artisans. Central to our purpose has always been our commitment to supporting and preserving the remarkable artistry and craftsmanship found in their handmade creations. Maria, a native Guatemalan who moved to Washington, DC seven years ago, always knew she wanted to make a difference and foster a global environment of goodness. Maria's deep-rooted appreciation for her country's culture served as a wellspring of inspiration. 

When designing our bags, our primary focus was to seamlessly combine functionality and beauty. With our hats, we aim to craft truly bespoke creations that showcase the talents of our artisans while also being completely unique and one of a kind. Lauren's lifelong passion for design, spanning from home decor and architecture to her childhood days of sketching and designing clothes, has been integral to her life, fueling both her creativity and unwavering dedication to every intricate detail. Witnessing the transformation of her ideas and aesthetics into reality through Bella Soul has been an exhilarating experience for her.

It is always our goal to showcase the passion and love that go into creating our pieces, while also helping communities of artisans preserve their time-honored traditions.

Every single one of our pieces is meticulously handcrafted from start to finish. The process itself is a testament to the dedication, skill, and dreams of the artisans involved. We take immense pride in the craftsmanship, the high-quality materials used, and, most importantly, the talented individuals who bring each bag to life.

The true allure of our pieces lies in what is not immediately visible. The stunning handwoven textiles, hand-painted designs and impeccable craftsmanship are undeniably attractive, but what truly captivates us is the presence of beautiful individuals behind these creations. These artisans have families, dreams, and a commitment to upholding their cherished traditions. Their dedication is the essence of our company's name, Bella Soul.

With love and gratitude,

Lauren and Maria



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